TARA STELING: Between creation and sport

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TARA STELING: Between creation and sport

Life is full of surprises. All you have to do is make good use of the opportunities. Tara Steling, lived in London for 20 years and returned to her native Lithuania, where she created a successful clothing line for women in sports and yoga. “Be grateful, stay positive, find peace and live actively," is the formula for the motto and success of Tara's life.


You are not only a brand creator, but also a qualified yoga teacher. How do these two activities intertwine in your life?

I've always enjoyed creativity, art, and graduated in both interior design and acting. I have always worked out, played tennis and worked out. These two different areas were joined by an interest in the spiritual world: five years ago I began to practice yoga, after years of intensive activities I went to India, to complete a 200-hour yoga teacher course. It was difficult physically and emotionally. After graduating, I studied with famous yoga teachers: John Scott, Greg Nardi and some others. Now I practice yoga at home – it's both my way of life and the main source of inspiration!

So the creation of sports and yoga clothing was primarily driven by personal experience?

I am an active person for whom quality sports wear is "must have". Equally it is important to me to know from what material and how that garment is made. From practicing yoga and meditation daily, gradually developed the idea of creating a clothing line for modern women, offering them comfortable, eco-friendly, quality sportswear with which women would feel themselves, beautiful and love themselves!

What matters most to you when creating clothes for yoga and sports?

When creating clothes, the most important thing for me is that they are comfortable, made of good fabric and you don't need to think to yourself, is it too tight, will they fall down, are they see through? I choose very high-quality Italian fabrics. Their uniqueness lies in being processed from the sunken fishermen's nets collected in the seas and oceans. With special technology, they are processed into fabric of the same quality and strength, so not only are we cleaning and protecting nature, but also we are not wasting other resources on the planet. Of course, it is also important that sportswear looks beautiful, after all, we are women!

What inspires your designs that combine monochrome fabrics and patterns?

I draw inspiration for each collection from my hobbies – travel and art. Each range has its own history. Harmony's black-and-white collection is a metaphor for yin and yang. The golden collection of "Grace" is the colour of the gods, symbolising wisdom, knowledge, success. The China Blue collection features Chinese porcelain drawings that signify immortality and progress. Every woman can find what she what she needs at that particular stage of life..


So, with your collections and creations, you try to not only make women feel beautiful , but also inspire them?

TARA STELING on your Instagram account, followed by over 12,000. women from all over the world, you share not only photos of clothes, but also yoga practices and motivational messages.

For me, creativity, sport, business is inseparable from each other. I feel that the positive developments in one area are changing in another. I want to encourage women not to be afraid to look at themselves, to start going to the gym, practicing yoga or just simply being active, this way you will always move elsewhere in life!

What advice would you give to other women who dream of turning their passion and hobbies into a favorite job and business?

I'm a mother, a daughter, a sister, an artist, I have a pet, I experience successes and failures – so I'm exactly like all women. Anyone can climb their Everest if you understand it. For every woman who wants to turn her hobbies or passion into a favourite job or business, I would advise you never to stop, so that this does not remain just a dream. First of all, speak out loud, talk to family, friends, professionals in the field. And do not hesitate to take the first step, which is the most fearsome and difficult, but necessary. And it doesn't matter if you're twenty or forty – it's never too late to start!

Thanks for the conversation!

TARA STELING brand review and special offer: yoga, sports, active leisure clothing.

To: Modern, active, self-confident women.

Uniqueness: collections are from recycled fabric obtained by processing fishermen's nets sunk in the seas.

Assortment: leggings, sports bras, blouses.

Values: convenience, quality, subtle aesthetics, ecology

Price: 29 - 49 €.

Where:  http://www.tarasteligcollection.com



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Hey Tara, The sports wear looks beautiful. Pictures are amazing. Are you in the image? Or those taken by a Model? I am very much interested to starting Yoga soon with my Friends. We think your collection would be great for us to start Yoga Practice. Anyway, I see your website shows down is there any issues? I wanted to checkout some of the leggings and shorts from your websites. Best Regards

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