The Power Of Yoga

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The Power Of Yoga

Yoga began as an ancient practice that originated in India 3000 B.C.  and was developed as a way to achieve harmony between the heart and soul.

We carry pain with us from life tragedies and disappointments - not only emotional pain , but also physical trauma and effects us  in many different ways throughout our lives.

There are many different ways of handling the challenges - and key is finding the way what works for you!

One of the way I believe is the yoga and meditation to managing stress and taking care of ourselves.

Promote Sleep quality, improve flexibility and balance, after one year flexibility increases by nearly four times.


Yoga, stress relief poses is a great way to properly align your mind to your body and help release, secure, and nourish your own   beautiful self.

It can help decrease symptoms of depression, maybe because yoga able to decrease level of cortisol, a stress hormone that influences levels of serotonin, often association with depression.

Breathing, strength.... and many more.

Today the practice of yoga has become universal appeal.

Yoga also helps us tap into our creative potential, by practicing regularly we can feel the transformation made in our mind and bodies, not only allows us to tap into the present moments  of stability, but yoga stretches our mind muscle and teaches how to connect to ourselves, to our behaviour, thoughts, feelings and help to see things clearly.

In yoga you never fix yourself,  but is the way to work with yourself,  not against yourself.

But you reveal your true nature.




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