Happy Chinese New Year 2019!

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Happy Chinese New Year 2019!
Piglets are cute, intelligent animals. According to the Chinese horoscope, the Year of the Yellow Earth Pig is associated with honesty, wealth, and success. And although piglets do not seem to be stylish perfectionists, but people born in the year of Pigs have a great taste and style in fashion.
The Year of the Pig, which predicts luxury and great for most of the Zodiac, is reflected in both the luxurious, elegant collections “China Blue” and “Grace”.
It is no coincidence that the collection of innovative, sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics Econyl, featured in luxury and elegance pulsating mansion built at the end of the 18th century, which belonged to the Lithuanian nobleman Zion Zabiel, and in the 19th century to the great landowners Gauronski.
True, the cute and warm piglets were not allowed to enter the mansion - the mammals walked to the 17-meter-high Pažerio statue columns, and then, when they were banned from running in the cold snow, mourned warmly.
A.Girniūtė the general physical training trainer, yoga practitioner worked with Professional Muay Thai (Thai boxing) athletes in Thailand was so happy to share the experience - "It was cold this day, so picking up a piglet on my hands, I was surprised that their temperature was high - they were very warm, It is uncommon for a piggy to flatter, but they are like puppies like all animals. Pigs gave a lot of charm, laughter and smiles. ”

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