Ginger, Honey And Lemon Tea & Benefits

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Ginger, Honey And lemon Tea & Benefits


A warm brewed tea is my favourite way to get my dose!

A mixture of ginger, honey and lemon has tons benefits and has been used since a long time for treating like cold, cough, congestion and inspiratory problems, also improve blood circulation and strengthen immunity.

The tea has special rejuvenating powers that revitalise the senses.

Combination of Ginger and Honey is know to be a natural pain killer.

Ginger, Honey has high level of protein, with aids in the digestion process, and it also      stimulates the secretion of bile, with helps dissolve fat, and speeds up digestion process, cleanse the build up of waste and toxins in the colon, liver and other organs.


Ginger traditionally been used to relieve nausea , upset stomach and digestive problems.

It has antibacterial benefits, reduces blood sugar, boost your metabolism, help burn fat.

Ginger can reduces feeling of hunger.


Lemon is a source of vitamin C, an antioxidant. Extremely good for cleaning the liver, and flushing out waste and toxins.

Helps relieving cold, flu symptoms and sore throat. Natural antiseptic helps healing infections and diseases.

Excellent for reducing skin wrinkling and dry skin.


Honey has a soothing effect on sore trough, and may also boost the body’s immune system. Row honey can kill unwanted bacteria and fungus, and works well as a wound healing.

Prevent stress and helps calm and sooth the brain and know as an excellent source of natural energy.

How to make it:


1. Take a organic Lemon, wash well and put it in a freezer.


2. Fresh organic Ginger


3. Natural Honey

Grate a half of frozen Lemon, grate a peace of organic ginger, mix with the few spoonfuls of  natural Honey.


4. Add 1-2 spoons of the mixer to a cup of hot water.


The ginger warms the body from inside, honey keeps the immune system topped up, lemon improves  digestion and alkalise the body.







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