Self Improvement - Self Love

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Self Improvement  - Self Love 

Self improvement has never been more alive than it is today. Humans have been always in pursuit of Happiness, Success and Satisfaction.

If I ask you: Do you love yourself?, Do you love yourself without hurting yourself, do you say YES, when you want to say No, do you live to your inner truth?

Are you aligned with your true desires, are you aligned with your higher self. Are your thoughts vibrating at the same frequency as the frequency of your desire. This is the key to manifestation, happiness, living your true self.

Alignment with the higher self, means creation. And foremost means feeling good…

How to know if you are out of alignment with your desires?

Feeling bad means you are out of alignment, such as negative belief, negative thoughts, thinking that you do not deserve something or thinking that you need something. To need something means you are focused on the lack of that thing. And if you focus on lack, you simply manifest more.


We have external and internal improvements: 

External Improvement - could be gained from money, fitness, status, friends… 

Habits, thoughts, patterns, confidence, beliefs, learned skills, and behaviours are all internal improvements.

Both improvements influence each other, e.g being rich might improve your confidence or being fit might  change your behaviour.

Self improvement is the kind of improvement when external and internal improvements don't clash and are in harmony.

You want to be the best version of yourself, and working towards self improvement doesn’t mean the path its going to be easy and beautiful. Life is really hard, and painful, and for sure is not easy.

How do we achieve this, how do we come closer to self improvement and be more happier?

1.Create good habits.

Our habits influence the way we respond to any given situation. Habits are simple choices we make at certain moment.

2. Meditation.

Real source of happiness lies in the clarity of thoughts.

According to the Buddha, meditation trains the mind to “not dwell in the past or contemplate about the future.” It lets the mind settle in the ‘now’ and allows us to see the beauty of the present.

3. Healthy diet.

Eating healthy is about feeling great, having more energy, improving your health, and boosting your mood.

4. Keep active.

Exercise three time a week. Exercise controls weight, improves mood, boots energy, promotes better sleep and many more benefits.

5. Allow your self to allow.

Allow yourself to do what you are good at and it comes easy to you.

6. Feelings and trust.

Listen to your feelings, trust yourself.

7. Live your live according to the question:

“ What Would Someone Who Loves Themselves Do? “

Being on this journey of personal grow, remember the only person you can grow and change is yourself, it is very personal and will be a totally different experience and feel for everyone.

Self improvement to me means enhancing my own value and worth. Becoming the best version of myself.

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Thank you. Inspiring!!

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