About Us

‘Be the energy you want to attract’                                                                


I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a pet owner, an artist, I have struggles and I have successes, I am just like  all of you, a woman.


In my forties, I found myself glum and often questioning myself ‘What is it that I truly love?’  This brought me to my first Yoga class. During child’s pose, it hit me – I needed change.  I was going to have to start over, rebuild myself breath by breath, asana by asana.


I spent a year in India, attended several Yoga camps and endured daily pre 6 a.m wake up calls. I toured Europe following Yoga teachers and their spiritual journeys in the search to learn, to grow and to find the courage to start something which I truly would love.


‘The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence’ – I developed a line of yoga, sports and fitness clothing to suit the daily needs of every single one of us – women.

'Be grateful, stay positive, find peace, do yoga - Tara Steling